Artist Spotlight: The Devil Makes Three

This week I want to talk about The Devil Makes Three, a hard-hitting bluegrass band from Santa Cruz, California. This isn’t your grandma’s bluegrass band, though. Covering everything from drinking, murder, and drug abuse, this band manages to give the genre a twisted spin all while holding true to the fundamentals of the music. Cooper McBean, a skinny, bearded, and tattooed back up singer offers banjo rolls over staccato rhythm guitar played by lead vocalist Pete Bernhard and slapped rockabilly basslines thumped out by Lucia Turino. This three piece band provides eerie harmonies and an old time feel, but with lyrics that will rattle your bones. So check out The Devil Makes Three!

Here are a few songs that I enjoy:

Old Number 7 –

Aces and Twos –—pTg

Gracefully Facedown –



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