Artist Spotlight: The Dirty River Boys

The Dirty River Boys, or “DRB”, are an acoustic, four piece, jug-band from El Paso, Texas. The boys are now based in Austin, but stay true to their roots. When the band started, they played full electric for a while, but decided it didn’t fit them. They wanted to say something and have people actually listen. Don’t let the acoustic guitars and upright bass fool you though, these boys can flat out rock when they want to. Their live show is one of the most high-energy and emotionally involved that I have ever seen. With the two singers, Marco Gutierrez and Nino Cooper switching off songs and playing rhythm guitar/harmonica and lead guitar/mandolin respectively, all while keeping in perfect harmony with the other members of the band it’s hard not to get swept up in their self-proclaimed “outlaw Americana folk” vibe. In the background, you’ll find Colton James standing tall in cowboy boots and a matching hat, slapping the upright bass or fingering out beautiful rolls on the banjo, while Travis Stearns, a shaggy haired, camo adorned, trucker hat fanatic stomps his snakeskin boots, plays the cajon drum with one hand and beats a tambourine onto a snare drum with the other, banging his head as if he was listening to Pantera the whole time. Don’t get me wrong though, these boys are not limited to one or two instruments. Throughout their live show they switch around showing that they are all well versed in every instrument on the stage. The boys music is as diverse as they are. Covering everything from rock influences in the song “She”, a tale of a women who will suck you in and do you wrong, to traditional folk songs like “Boomtown”, a pioneer tale of heading out west sang with elegant harmonies that sound as rustic as the picture the lyrics paint. These boys are by no means your average folk singers, but they give it an edge that can’t be beat in my opinion. So check out The Dirty River Boys!

As usual, a few of my favorites:

Boomtown –

My Son –

She – (Not the best quality)

Raise Some Hell Tonight –



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