Artist Spotlight: Corb Lund

     This week’s artist comes to us from our friends up North. Just when you thought Canada could never be forgiven for infecting millions with “Bieber Fever”, they produce a musician like Corb Lund and completely redeem themselves. Corb is a country, cowpunk, folk-singing hippie/cowboy. Listening to one of his albums is almost like listening to all the voices in a schizophrenic’s head all sing their own song. Corb’s latest album, “Cabin Fever”, really shows the diversity and talent he has learned to harness as a musician and songwriter. With everything from Rocky Mountain hideaways to Russian antique pistols, the widespread nature of this album is best displayed in tracks 4-6. “September”, a western ballad about lost love, opens the trio with a haunting falsetto refrain that will leave you as broken-hearted as Corb sounds. As “September” fades out, it transfers right into track 5, “Mein Deutsches Motorrad” or “My German Motorcycle”. This upbeat tune powers through with hints of cowpunk that remind you of a twangy Jack White, which isn’t surprising when you learn that Corb was the founding member and bass player of “The Smalls”, who were basically the Canadian Nirvana. The final song in this trio, “Cows Around”, is an extremely fun western swing song reminiscent of Bob Wills about the love/hate relationship between a rancher and his herd. In just three songs, Lund covers an entire spectrum of genres, but this is not the only strong point of this album. There isn’t a bad song on “Cabin Fever”. My personal favorite from the album and one of Corb’s strongest performances on this album is “Bible on the Dash”, a duet with Hayes Carll about being a traveling band and slipping past law enforcement. Detailed stories like this are where Lund really shines as a singer and songwriter. So, give Corb Lund a shot. He’s got a little something for everyone.Image

Tracks 4-6 from “Cabin Fever”:

4. September –

5. Mein Deutsches Motorrad –

6. Cows Around –

Some of my other favorites:

Bible on the Dash –

Gothest Girl I Can –

Talkin’ Veterinarian Blues –