10 Great Roadtrip Songs (You’ve Probably Never Heard)

Everyone knows of a good road song. Willie’s “On the Road Again”, Roger Miller’s “King of The Road”, and so many more classics, but I wanted to share with you 10 road/driving songs that I love to blast when taking a long trip by myself. Here we go:

1. Lincoln Durham – Trucker’s Love Song

This slow ballad is perfect for that homesick driving feeling. Durham weaves a tale about his life as a truck driver, mentioning that his significant other is far behind him and that his only friend is a man he speaks to over his CB radio.

2. Midnight River Choir – Mile Marker

The boys from Midnight River Choir bring us this fresh tune. A hand-out-the-window kind of tune that rolls along as smooth as an open highway. With harmonies peppered in and an upbeat guitar riff, Mile Marker is the perfect song for cruising with friends or just chugging down the highway yourself.

3. Casey Donahew Band – Ramblin’ Kind

Another good-time song. Casey Donahew delivers an upbeat, fiddle packed story about life on the road, drinking, and living the dream.

4. Corb Lund (Feat. Hayes Carll) – Bible on the Dash

Two troubadour greats combine on this little number: Canada’s own Corb Lund and Texas grown singer/songwriter, Hayes Carll. The song is a raucous, honky-tonk tune you’d expect to hear in a roadhouse somewhere in east Texas. A twangy take on a jazz style riff dominates the background while Corb and Hayes take turns spatting out stories of their evasion from the law all thanks to “The Good Book” resting on their dashboard.

5. Jason Boland & The Stragglers – Telephone Romeo

Jason Boland definitely has more than just one great song to roll down the road to, but this has always been one of my favorites. Classic country style with Boland’s added Texoma twang. This song is told from the perspective of a man on the road who just wants to get home to his lady.

6. Cross Canadian Ragweed – Anywhere But Here

This song has become a throwback now, but I remember when I first discovered Cross Canadian Ragweed and they reshaped my entire view of the world of music. This song is a defiant, big middle finger to the Nashville music industry and a great song to listen to when you’re pissed off and need to go for a drive to get “anywhere but here.”

7. Casey Donahew Band – One Star Flag

This song is a little more popular and has been getting radio play all over Kansas, Missouri, Texas, Oklahoma and so on, but I still think it fits in with these songs as a great song for being on the road that still hasn’t gotten the recognition it deserves. This fast paced, honkytonk swinger will get your blood pumping and make you wanna put the hammer down.

8. Turnpike Troubadours – Bossier City

Let’s all be honest, there probably isn’t a Troubadours song that’s bad to drive to. Their songs fit many occasions, but for the sake of keeping the travel/driving theme, I had to go with Bossier City. It’s a great song about a man who steals and sells his girlfriend’s meds for gambling money. Classy guy, right?

9. Stoney LaRue – Closer To You

This slowed down, soft tune brings us the story of a young man finally coming home. As the refrain says, “The further I get down this road, the closer I get to you.”

10. Kevin Welch – Train to Birmingham

A beautiful song about being away from home too long. I have always listened to the Cody Canada cover, but I must give credit to the original writer, Kevin Welch.

So there you have it, 10 new songs to listen to next time you’re on the road. Obviously I could add onto this list, but I just picked ten songs I enjoy that all fit the theme fairly well. These are in no particular order of which ones I think are better, they’re all great songs. Thanks for reading!